Friday, February 16, 2018

The Handsome Art Connoisseur went out yesterday

Decked in Burgundy and Cacky, the combo was impressive, for the purpose of going to an art program. What a diverse and active young man you are, with a little spending money in your pocket to do as you wish? I am impressed.

God orders the sky and the designs of all that is around. It is beautiful to see you imitating His careful expressions of outward adornings.

Friday, February 2, 2018

The Dog Died Yesterday!

Ethan was the hero that jumped into action to move her body.  We are so proud that he was strong enough to go into action for this horribly anticipated event.  We all are grateful to him for his ability and strength.  It was sad and unifying to have gone through her suffering together.  All took. Turns giving her water and food and sympathizing with her as she whined and whined, day and night for weeks.  Her legs couldn't hold her at all in the end and it was Ezzy who finally found her yesterday, after school, having already expired. 
We are sad and together we commiserated in my room.  We told stories of our fond memories of her devoted friendship and service to our family.  She wasn't just a chore of walking a dog.  She was a member of our family.  She herded us and reminded us of our devotion to one another.

Ethan was often the fellow who volunteered to walk her, along with his other brothers, especially in the last months.  Everybody had to lift her when she got stuck here and there wandering about the house, without her legs fully working.  Her whining was the worst part of the ordeal, but it didn't seem to be pain as much as the anguish of not being able to get outside to truly relieve herself.  She hated being stinky and not able to move.  When she was comfortable she was quiet.

We will remember her for the rest of our lives and we learned much about the friendship of dogs and humans and we enjoyed her much! We are all convinced that there are dogs in heaven, now.   Who knew?

Monday, January 29, 2018

Good and Upright is the Lord!

He expects us to imitate Him in excellence in the things that we do as well!
The finals of the Aussie was just such an example to me. Men scaling the walls of human impotence to grasp an unattainable moment of excellence in bodily acumen. Mind and body syncapating to continue through a fortnight of grueling heat and competition.

I love the mens' final and the male motivations that are shown in the finals. Like male lions, they use their roaring serves to intimidate and hope to find some hole of inability and emotional submission from the opponent so that they can pounce upon it. And pounce they do, just to find themselves the pounced upon here or there throughout the grueling 5 sets, should they find themselves that fortunate to have elongated the pleasure and the pain that long

In the first set, "The Fed" was all over it. He served up the ultimate indignity, by successfully dropshotting from a serve! This is a humiliation that must be repaid, in tennis terms. Cilic took the entire rest of the set to recoup from such a disrespectful expression. He found his "a" game about the second game of the second set and began to really serve, his better self. Time and again he hit corners that seemed impossible shots, only to find his retribution from his opponent to be seemingly effortless and reflexive.

He is not the "King of the Courts" because he accidentally hits this or that shot. He is not vaunting himself without reason. He says to his opponents, if you want this prize, you will have to earn it decisively. I will not give it to you. He uses the adversity of the other guys' winners to prod him to another level of play. This is a wonderful expression of how God expects us to jump and hold our heads upright in imitation of Him.

This world is not our home and these crowns are not our crown. But how much more is excellence required in the things that we are called to do.
Swiftly, after the conquest of the first set, these men fell from their lionlike vaunt into a snake squabble. It wasn't pretty for a good while, as the mighty men traded venomous strikes here and there on the line and threading invisible needles in the air. Their tremendous prowess in doing these things were clouded by the rapidity that they traded these amazing shots. Had there been a sword in their hands, the blood would have been flowing all over the place. The showmanship was amazing, but the swiftly traded shots were hard to follow. We should have a slowmotion camera playback on each one to truly appreciate the skill it took to make those shots. They made it look easy and that was the sad part of it. They are both amazing athletes and skillful swashbucklers and the second set made me wish for more of the lion that I saw in the first set.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

You are being loved!

I am still working on a precious scarf for my dear Ethan. It is not perfect, by any means. It is the work of a month of knitting and purling and straightening on the needles. When my father said he wanted a silk scarf, I had no thought of knitting one. I never thought of knitting him a woolen one. He said he wanted to look like Humphrey Bogart with a 6 foot silk scarf hanging off his overcoat. I could identify with the thought of wanting to be a "proper gentleman" in every outward expression. I knew what he meant.

There is something humble and demeaning about wearing homemade clothes. But there is one thing that is for sure, there is a personal love and care that goes into a season of knitting for a loved one. There is a spiritual covering of prayer and intention that is unmatched. Sometimes, when I go into the thrift store and feel the stitches of an old discarded afgan, I feel that direct expression of love and that is what I am trying to imitate, when I knit for my loved ones. It is a palpable and direct expression of love that covers the body and gives a great worth to life. Somebody loves me enough to caringly craft this garment and prayed for me in every stitch.

I don't shop much! I don't feel comfortable in the stores. I was so moved to shop with my daughters the other day and in awe of some of the stitch patterns that come off of the looms of today's machines. I feel the cloths and try to find that sense of loving delight that I find in the thrift stores. I don't know that I feel anything, but the pleasure of perfect fabrics. I do love the feel of perfect fabrics also. But, I prefer the feeling of real love directed toward me. I wonder if the children of today feel covered. I wonder if they can reason from the gifts and things that their parents shower on them to the reality of the love that they are experiencing.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Thankful for You, Gainfully Employed Ethan!

It is like you just woke up from a long dream. You are involved and in our faces, but silently participatory, more than usual. No homework these days. Just sketching and sketching and sketching and on the computer devices that you have.

I hope you enjoyed the dinner that we prepared for you. This year, Dad helped so much on the eggplant. Dad cut it up and fried 2 of the 3 large eggplants that he bought. My hands were getting tired after the first one. I meant to do an apple pie, but my hands were really achy. It was my shoulder that was throbbing, from the twisty hand motions of the peeler. I will get it together by Christmas. Okay?

Friday, October 6, 2017

Working Man whose feet cannot be felt?

Perhaps you need other shoes!
You are a strong fellow, as your name describes. You have muscles that are being developed through your job and your mental abilities have been sharpened through your years in IB. We are very proud of the young man that you are becoming.
Don't forget to keep sharpening your muscles,
all in syncapation with each other!...

Friday, September 22, 2017

Got a job, got a haircut, October startup date is rushing toward us!

You are doing a great job with the outside work. I am grateful for the extra work that you took in the grass cutting efforts around the side of the house. You are taking up the initial efforts. We need everyone to come up to the tasks, please. We are grateful for your wholehearted startup. Please know that we are expecting great things from you!.