Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Saturday, June 10, 2017

My Graduate decided to

ask discretely for a special mother son haircut moment. Just before the graduation. I promise not to cry at the wonder of it. Thank you, Irma Bombeck for your wonderful counsel on such a moment in "Mothering"book.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Why would we ever need such a thing as a thimble?

Thank God for the gadgets that have simplified our lives and made thimbles a thing of the past. I feel saddened about this. Thimbles were always used by my grandmas and they had them in dishes all about the house. They all could wield a needle with winsomeness and precision. There wasn't an occasion that a needle and thimble wasn't drawn from the purse with respect and great usefulness. There was always a button to be replaced or a hem to be fixed. I took it for granted. I rolled my eyes each time they whipped stitches swiftly and purposefully before my eyes. Dresses that I put on that were their handiwork with pins inplace to make sure that I hadn't put on a few pounds between the measuring and the final occasion. I mocked and scoffed at the choices of necklines and the choices of material. I hate flowers on them, Grandma! I want a plain dress! I want a storebought dress, just one time! That time came and I was so sad to see it come! I can't be sure I have the time to sew your wedding dress, said Grandma to me, with a severity that still brings tears to my eyes.

She held on until the very end and missed the day by 2 whole days, but she was there for every fitting. She said, if you miss this appointment in life, you are a greater fool than I can say. I won't miss it Grandma! Don't miss any delivery God gives you. I won't miss it Gram. and now I haven't and she was right. Every delivery, is from our God in heaven. Pain and agonies alongside, mental and physical, each relationship is worth it! She said your mother gave me the greatest gift, all those babies. I believe her. She is my thimble and I will never, ever, ever sideline her message. Expand the waistline and make the dress fit the occasion, don't terminate.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

One Pearly Gate stands between me and entering the war of words...

It is affectionately referred to as the SAT's
We learned to see it as a welcome friend. We learned test-taking as a post of accomplishment and achievement. It is not a pass or fail, persay, it is a monument to the time spent in the tutelage of an education system.
How Green
Kept coming into my mind and I was reminded that many earlier generations have had the younger children outshine their elder siblings, as if to say this is Ethan's turn to get all of NY's hand in to the game changing process. Just like before a big game, we come together, say the Lord's Prayer and cheer for ourselves with hands together; that was our visit to NY before the 6th's child's SAT attempt.
You are indeed entering "Big Word School"
And it just may be your lot to document our paultry attempts to change the world by rearing children in the fear of God. I pray that you will be encouraged to do your best, regardless of the outcome. Amen.